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Oxigen Ai is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company specialising in crypto and blockchain development. We have developed our platform to allow our subscribers to use our software, connect our application to their Binance Account via secure API integration and Configure rules to trade crypto currencies. 

We are not an investment fund or investment advisors. We are a SaaS company, We ask that you speak to your financial advisors prior to investing in any stock or crypto.

At Oxigen Ai we simply provide our clients with an application that allows you to automate your trades. As a customer you keep the funds in your own account. You as a client of Oxigen Ai not locked in to any contracts, it is pay per use model. You can simply cancel your subscription at any time or stop using our platform. All you have to do is delete your API in your Binance Account when you were first onboard onto our platform.


Our platforms allows you to take advantage of the volatility in the crypto markets. You can securely connect your Trading Bot to your Binance Account via an API, and automate all your trades 24/7. We do not have access, hold, or ask you to transfer your funds. We put you in total control of your crypto. We are here to help you if need any assistance.
Multiple layers of security is built into our network infrastructure and application at all levels.

100 of coins to trade
Our Platforms allows you to trade any of the listed Coins & tokens on Binance paired with USDT we are working on other coin pairs as well.
Continuous Improvement
We actively seek feedback from our clients to improve the Oxigen platform.

Data Driven Decision
We take a data driven decision approach to continually improve our platform & develop our systems to mitigate risks

We are always online with our discord channel & able to respond to any question or support request you may have.

24/7 Monitoring
We are monitoring the bots 24/7 for any issues or concerns that may come up. We take a number of backups for the bot.

Reliable Technology
Developed on a high availability cloud infrastructure to take advantage of all that the market has to offer.

No Lock in contracts
Yes that is correct you can cancel any time and there is not lock in contract or cancellation fee.

Bot Performance


Oct 2021 to date

BUYS 82,340

SELLS 69,974

Trades 57.93/Day

Volume $233.37M

Past 90 Days

BUYS 1,107

SELLS 1,065

Trades 11.83/Day

Volume $1.96M

Past 60 Days

BUYS 580


Trades 9.20/Day

Volume $1.12M

Past 30 Days

BUYS 192


Trades 6.07/Day

Volume $0.50M

Coins Banked $838,898.96

$500 Setup fee

License fee

Fees are in USD
FREE Trading Volume first $50,000 month*

80 cents per $1,000 of your Trading Volume above, the Free Threshold measured in USD / USDT.

a - This amount is lower than 25% of Gross Profit, in which case the Transaction Fee Amount is 25% of Gross Profit; or

b- This amount exceeds 35% of Gross Profit, in which case the Transaction Fee
Amount is 35% of Gross Profit.

Fee per 

Block /month 


$0 - $50 k
$50k - $1mil
$1kil - $10 mil
$10 mil - $20mil
$20 mil - $30 mil
*When trading with a minimum of $10,000 USD

Have a question?

Ask, we are here to help


Why use a trading bot?

Google Crypto Trading Meme you will know how stressful it can be.

To manually trade, you need to invest a lot of time analysing markets and waiting for ideal opportunities to place profitable trades. Much of the Crypto market extreme volatility happens during US and Europe business hours, which is the complete opposite of Australia, so who really wants to stay up all night?

Sure some people can do much better manually trading, but what if you could keep your day job to pay for your current lifestyle and on top of that still make a decent passive income using a trading bot while you get your 8 hours sleep then why not?

Why crypto trading?

Crypto has introduced a level of innovation and technology that has changed many industries and it is continuing to innovate. This has created opportunities for so many people from all over the world to build wealth and make a decent living, although when trading crypto you need to be mindful of the risks as there are many. Our recommendation is to always speak to a financial advisor and to never risk what you cannot afford to lose.

How much can I make per month, using the Oxigen Ai Software?

We do not guarantee or promise any performance/returns! We are a software provider, not a fund manager, we provide licensing to our software as is with no guarantees. We continue to work on our application to provide our clients with a conservative system to minimise risk where possible.

How does the platform work?

To put simply, it leverages market volatility, and uses stock market trading techniques to reduce risk. The market is never constant, it's always going up and down. If you were to buy at any random time, two things could happen, either the market goes up and you make money, or it goes down and you lose money. When the market goes up, you want to ride it to the top, and sell for maximum profit. Since no trader is right 100% of the time, when the market does go down, you want to take appropriate action. We leverage these simple principles as well as a number of mathematical indicators and models to determine when the application should place an order to buy or sell. There is no magic formula, there are always risks.

How do I get billed by Oxigen Ai?

You will receive a monthly invoice for licensing fee based on the volume of trades our system has processed per 1000 unit block, where each block is $1000 you are trading on our software. If you traded $100,000 then your licensing fee for the month would be $40 inc GST based on this equation as the first 50 blocks are free.

((Volume/Block Size)-50Blocks)*Rate  for the Volume, in this example will be ((100000/1000)-50)*0.8 = $40.

The volume snapshot is taken for the month at midnight on the 1st of each month. 

How is Volume Calculated?

We calculate volume based on the trade amount processed at the exchange. For example, if an order is placed to buy $10,000 of a cryptocurrency, then that buy order counts as $10,000 in volume or 10 Blocks, Once that order is sold and say you sold it for $10500 now we count your total trade volume as 20,500 or 20.5 Blocks. As each block is then billed at the nominated rate in our pricing table.

It is important to note that we do NOT count orders that have not yet sold. Only when an order is SOLD, we will count that as a full trade and bill for the volume. This means if your bot buys and HODLs the coin for a while you will not be paying for that order until it is sold.

Will I be paying my licensing fees in AUD or USD or Crypto?

Your usage is calculated based on the 1000 units in Volume traded, you get the first 50,000 free. We typically bill in fiat AUD, USD or Euro. We are also happy to accept payment in crypto note that the volume usage will be calculated in the selected Crypto Currency.

What are the risks?

There are a lot of risks involved when dealing with Crypto Currencies including:
 - If you are keeping your funds on the exchange, the exchange could be hacked or go out of business.
 - Your API key could be exploited. To reduce this risk, it is recommended that you have multi factor authentication enabled and ensure that you limit your API to a specific IP address as well as limit the functionality available to an API key so it cannot transfer funds or withdraw funds.
 - Regulation could also hinder the market
 - Crypto can drop by 10s of % per day, sometimes in minutes. So coins could have a significant drop in value, leaving you holding worthless coins.  - Mitigate this risk by not trading “shitcoins”.
 - Losing your private keys or recovery keys.
 - Losing your account access
 - Poor security on your account and password.
 - Transferring crypto to a wrong address, which means your coins are gone forever.
- Gradual market fall could result in trades getting stuck with average buy price well above the market. Mitigate this risk by only trading coins that have good long term prospects of growth.
- Market volatility of coin trading pairs may cause infrequent trades. Mitigate this by only trading on coin markets with sufficient volume.
- If you are trading large amounts, the market may not have enough volume to fully fulfil orders. Mitigate this risk by trading over multiple markets
Many more…

So please talk to your financial advisor and accountant to learn more about possible risks to you. Also do your own research on any coins you plan to trade.

If the market rises by 10% in a day, will my bot make 10% profit?

Nope! Because the platform is only trading a portion of your funds in the initial buy point, a 10% market increase in a day may only result in the bot making a 1% profit. However, if the market drops by 10% in a day, you won't lose 10% of your funds, you may instead make some profit as there are constant ups and downs in a trend.

Or if the market goes sideways for a day, instead of making zero profit, you still might make a nice little profit.

A small consistent profit per day regardless of the market conditions, will allow you to leverage the magic of compounding. Long term it will work out better than larger one off gains.

How many trades can the system do for me per day

We cannot guarantee or promise x number of trades per day however our results so far show anywhere from 0-26 trades per day per coin. In a bull market we have had an average of 23 trades per day in the past. Please note past results are not an indication of future results or returns.

It's all about the churn, lots of small profitable trades per day add up to a nice overall gain.

Is this really a magic internet money machine?

No! It is statistics, science and the risk of many unknown factors that can completely turn the market over on its head. So again never risk money you cannot afford to lose.

Can I setup up an instance of the Oxigen Ai platform for all my friends and family?

No. This is a managed service and you will have direct access to the Oxigen Ai team however you will not be able to access the servers, code, or the algorithms due to security and protection of our Intellectual property that we have developed over the past four years. If you wish your friends and family to have a bot instance, talk to the Oxigen Ai team about setting up another instance for each of them.

Can I make changes to how my account is configured?

Absolutely, we are online 7 days a week and here to help you with any changes you requested on your account. We can only ever provide guidance as to what the available options are and explain each to you. We are happy to jump on a call with any of our clients at a time suitable.

Are there any limits to how many support calls I can request?

Absolutely not, we are here to help you and if it means we have a call scheduled daily for a month then we can make it happen.

How do I contact the support team?

All of our clients are provided access to our Discord channel as well as a private channel per client specific to their instance of the application. If you are not a client and would like to talk to us then please join our discord channel here we can help answer any questions you may have.

What data do I have access to?

Using a private discord channel you will get notified every time your account buys/sells or adjusts a position as well as a snapshot at midnight to show you how your account performed.

Can I stop the trading at any time?

Yes you can, as you are not in a locked in contract. There are two ways you can stop the trading, one is by requesting us to pause your account, two is by simply deleting the API keys assigned to Oxigen Ai platform. If you do decide to delete your API key, please let us know.

Do I have to send money to your crypto wallet for me to start trading?

No! As a customer you will remain in control of your money at all times. As your money is kept in your own Binance Exchange account and only you can access that. You will only have to pay our licensing and setup fee which will be invoiced at the start of each month.

Do I get a statement of what my account has done?

You will receive a CSV file at midnight via your private discord channel that will show you your last 24 hours summary. We will also be providing you with a monthly statement showing all your trades, including fees, profits, losses and coins that were traded and a lot more. You can then take these statements and use them for your tax purposes.

How much is the setup cost and what does it cover?

The setup cost is $500 AUD including GST. It covers the costs of your server hosting, updates to the software, monitoring, support, backup, setup of your account and guidance during the onboarding process.

How do I get onboarded to use the Oxigen Ai Platform?

Please fill in the expression of interest form and schedule a call with one of our team members at a time that is appropriate for you.

If I don't have a Binance account can you help me set one up?

Yes we can, we are here to help you with the registration and verification process as well as give you a crash course on Binance site and how the API works. We are here to help you in any way possible.

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